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Screencap Meme

Terra Nova + Light (Episode: Genesis)


Screencap Meme

Terra Nova + Light (Episode: Genesis)

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Waiting patiently ….


Waiting patiently ….

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Together, we are at the dawn of a new civilisation. No pressure.

Make me choose - missjunie asked: Enlisted or Terra Nova

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"May I ask you a question? I would like to know your opinion (anyone else who reads this is welcome to answer as well). Hope Plaza was destroyed, but then we found out there was probably another portal in the Badlands. Now the reason I think the other portal was implied is that Terra Novans should somehow find a way to open it and connect with 2149 once again. The question is how. Do you think they would be able to build their own particle accelerator? Do they have enough technology to do that?"

Honestly, I have nooo idea. I’d gather that it took a helluva lot to build all that technology in Hope Plaza in the first place, and considering they were having to send things through the portal to Terra Nova (e.g. that chip(?) Maddy needed for her tablet thingy), I don’t think they could build it on the Terra Nova side. Even if they did, wouldn’t they still need a corresponding place in 2149 to stabilize the portal?

Then again, Lucas Taylor found a way to build things to communicate to 2149, so who knows.

(It has been ages and ages since I’ve watched the show tbh, so this is literally all speculation based on what I can remember. Feel free to add your own opinions!) :)